Three daffodils in bloom growing in grass in front of a shed

After an Easter break it was lovely to get to the plot and see some signs of spring! The daffodils are all out now and looking nice and cheery and there are also the first signs of our crops coming through – tiny pea plants are growing.

A tiny pea plant pushing up through the soil

We also started sowing seeds in our cold frame – a mixture of flowers and vegetables. Hopefully it will be warm enough for them to want to grow! Sometimes we have to cheat a little on the project. You might notice from the photograph that the coldframe is made from toughened plastic (not around in the First World War) rather than glass (which would have been used). Sadly our sheds have been vandalised (these have plastic windows too) and we didn’t think it would be safe to have glass on the site, for our plants and for people.

A plastic cold frame with seeds growing in small pots inside

In a few weeks we should have tiny plants to show you inside the coldframe and some slightly bigger peas!