There has been no rain since Storm Hector and even that was just a tiny amount. So we are spending all our time watering and worrying about water. I’ve bought ’emergency’ bottles of water from the supermarket – which feels like a terrible use of plastic. The volunteers have been bringing water from home. We’ve collected some water from nearby Southwest Cycles and some from the rangers lodge in the park. It is heavy and tiring work! At least we can bring water from home in our cars rather than carry it to the plot. In May 1917 plotholders from Queens Park and Glasgow Green sent a request to the Corporation for a water supply; presumably they were facing the same problems as us bur probably had to take their water to site in wheelbarrows.

At Wednesday gardening club it was much cooler than it had been – see the jumpers and coats in the first photograph! But it still didn’t rain. We took the opportunity to tackle the overgrown grass in between our vegetable beds. But by Friday we were back to glorious sunshine. Cameron harvested the peas and took some home for his tea. The sunshine is nice but some rain would be good too!