This will be the final post! This week we had our last harvest – the Jerusalem Artichokes. Opinions were mixed on these. Some of the volunteers found them to be very tasty and I did not – I’ve never had them before and had been looking forward to them all year so it was quite a disappointment!

We also got the beds ready for the winter. Although we won’t be working on the plot next year we wanted to set it up as if we were so that visitors to the last few open days could see what to do. So one bed we covered with the dying bean and pea plants – this will put nitrogen into the soil which would be good for growing brassicas the following season – and another we covered with leaves to suppress weeds and work as a sort of compost.

Over the next few weeks we will still be at the gardening clubs but we’ll just be generally tidying up the site for the open days and getting things ready to finish the project. The end of a wonderful year on our First World War allotment!