On 18th October we carried on the mammoth task of digging over the vegetable beds! There is now just one bed left to do. 20th October was a lovely autumnal morning, with just the right amount of frost and mist to make the site beautiful but not too cold. The green manure we planted last week is already growing; this is a fast growing crop that will be dug into the soil to break it up a little and add nutrients.

In another bed we planted onion and shallot sets. It has been quite tricky to find out whether onion and shallot sets would have been grown on allotments in the First World War. I emailed Thomas Etty seeds (who sell heritage varieties) to ask for some help and Ray Warner helpfully replied to say that onion sets were available from the early 1910s but as the references come from American seed catalogues, we can’t really know how easily available they would have been in the UK.