Pea Soup

A 1914 recipe from Kitty's Kitchen Club, part of the The People's Friend magazine.

  • 1 lb split peas
  • A good sized piece of dripping
  • A piece of carrot
  • A piece of turnip
  • An onion
  • Parsley
  • Salt and pepper
  1. Wash the peas well and soak them overnight

  2. Put them on to boil with two or three quarts of old water and the dripping

  3. When the soup comes thoroughly to the boil, put in the onion, neatly cut into pieces

  4. After it has boiled for three hours, strain it, and return it to the pot, adding the salt and pepper

  5. Grate the carrot and turnip and add to the soup with the minced parsley

  6. Let it come again to the boil

  7. Serve a slice of toasted bread cut into squares with the soup