Past Events

Potato Workshop

A Potato Workshop was held on 18th November 2017 led by John Marshall – the ‘Professor Potato’ – on the history and variety of seed potatoes. This helped us decide which potatoes we then bought to plant in the plot. You can find out about these potatoes Here.

Biodiversity Workshop

A Biodiversity Workshop was held at Westthorn Allotments on 10th November 2017. One of the volunteers attending the gardening club has a nature plot there and invited us for a trip to see how he cares for wildlife so we could put what we had learnt into practice on the War & Peas plot.

Tatty Planting

Tatty Planting was held at the allotment on 17th March 2018, as it is traditional to plant potatoes on St. Patrick’s Day in Glasgow. Unfortunately, it was exceptionally cold for the time of year and snowing but 3 volunteers attended to plant the potatoes and a further 30 visitors came in to visit the plot and see what was happening.

Compost Workshop

A Compost Workshop was held on 21st March led by Jan MacDonald. Together we built a compost bay and learnt how to fill it and what with to make compost for our allotment.

Open Day

War & Peas held on open day on Sunday 22nd July 2018 based around the theme of health and well-being. We had lots of activities including:

  • A display of First World War cakes to try and recipes to take home.
  • Potato-printing and pot decorating.
  • A display of home-made poultices that were made using ingredients that could have been grown on an allotment, including spinach, lavender and garlic, with information about growing plants for medicine during the First World War, for example, poppies and foxgloves.
  • Glasgow Allotments Forum was present to explain how you can get an allotment today.
  • A display in the German trench (part of the Digging In trench reconstructions) about trench gardens to show how gardening was also used to provide extra food but also for health and well-being in the trenches.
  • A display from the Dear Green Flower Garden who work with refugees and asylum seekers in the West End of Glasgow as well as showing films from the Lemon Tree Trust who work with Syrian refugees to create gardens in camps in Iraq. This was to show that gardening still plays an important part in health and well-being for people affected by conflict today, not just one hundred years ago.
  • Poems about gardening and the environment from the First World War were put up throughout the British Digging In trench.
  • Volunteer Brian Timms gave a talk on how the First World War affected birds on the Somme and how bird-watching became a popular activity for many soldiers.


The exhibition was set up at the Glasgow City Archives and ran from 5th November to 17th December 2018. It brought together the information you can read in the Allotment Stories section of this website.


The demonstration plot was gardened by a team of volunteers who met on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings. They grew all the crops and ate them! You can find out more about what we got up to here.

Latest News

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This will be the final post! This week we had our last harvest - the Jerusalem Artichokes. Opinions were mixed on these. Some of the volunteers found them to be very tasty and I did not - I've never had them before and had been looking forward to them all year so it...

Week Beginning 8th October

Gordon was the clear winner of our sunflower competition! His was the only one that flowered and it somehow survived Storm Ali. Congratulations...

Week Beginning 17th September

We had a bit of a shock this morning when we arrived at the plot and saw the damage that Storm Ali had done - much, much worse than Storm Hector had been! The entrance to the site was a complete mess with bit of tree and branch all over the driveway and the runner...

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