Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits were created by Australian women during the First World War to send out to soldiers. 

These biscuits had to travel for around two months in Merchant Navy ships, often with no refrigeration, so they had to remain edible for a long time whilst still being of nutritional value. 

The biscuits are based on Scottish oat cakes and use ingredients that don’t really spoil. 

Originally the biscuits were just called Soldiers Biscuits but after the landing on Gallipoli they were renamed Anzac Biscuits. 

Just like Trench Cake, the biscuits contain no eggs as Australia was also facing food shortages; many poultry farmers had joined the services so there were few eggs available. 

As well as sending Anzac Biscuits to the front, they were made to sell at galas and parades to raise money for the war effort.

Course: Snack
  • 85 grams Porridge oats
  • 85 grams Desiccated coconut
  • 100 grams Plain flour
  • 100 grams Caster sugar
  • 100 grams Butter (plus some extra for greasing)
  • 1 tbsp Golden syrup
  • 1 tbsp Bicarbonate of soda
  1. Heat oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4. 

  2. Put the oats, coconut, flour and sugar in a bowl. 

  3. Melt the butter in a small pan and stir in the golden syrup. 

  4. Add the bicarbonate of soda to 2 tbsp boiling water, then stir into the golden syrup and butter mixture. 

  5. Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour in the butter and golden syrup mixture. 

  6. Stir gently to incorporate the dry ingredients.

  7. Put dessertspoonfuls of the mixture on to buttered baking sheets, about 2.5cm/1in apart to allow room for spreading. 

  8. Bake in batches for 8-10 mins until golden. 

  9. Transfer to a wire rack to cool.

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