THE BOY SCOUTS ASSOCIATION IN BRITAIN, 1914-1918 (Q 30597) Boy scouts cultivating vegetable allotments in the United Kingdom during the First World War. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

During the First World War, new allotment sites were established in Glasgow so that people could grow their own fruit and vegetables. Food shortages and rationing meant that little fresh food was available, so anyone who could was encouraged to grow their own.

War & Peas explored the heritage of Glasgow’s allotments over the past century, looking at how they developed in response both to national emergencies and social changes during the 20th century. It aimed to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating and outdoor activity today.

War & Peas kept a demonstration plot in Pollok Park, located at Digging In. Volunteers took part in weekly gardening clubs and regular workshops in composting, biodiversity and other growing themes. It was a Northlight Heritage project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and delivered in partnership with the Glasgow Allotments Forum.