We opened the plot on 3rd October. Slightly cheating we hired a machine to take the turf off, although I am guessing that new plotholders in 1917 wouldn’t have objected to this method if it had been an option to them too! We have opened four big beds to use for crop rotation; for potatoes, brassicas, root vegetables and beans and peas. We also opened a smaller bed to use for herbs.7

Over the coming months we will open some smaller beds by hand for strawberries and rhubarb. After the machine had done its work we were joined by Glasgow’s community payback team who started to dig the plots over for us. It was hard work!

The first gardening club was on 4th October and we continued to dig over the plots. Brian used some of the stripped turf and pallets to create a bug hotel but it soon became apparent that this was more of a bird buffet, as the wrens quickly came down to hunt for their lunch. Gordon planted the inaugural plant – a heather!